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The Einstein Enigma download

The Einstein Enigma. Jose Rodrigues dos Santos

The Einstein Enigma

ISBN: 9780061719318 | 496 pages | 13 Mb

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The Einstein Enigma Jose Rodrigues dos Santos
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

The man broke the German enigma cipher to help win World War II. The Einstein Code – The Ultimate Theory of Everything. Even with these new tools the essential question—whence talent?—remains an enigma. Our hero, Thomas, is approached by an Iranian agent who hires him to decipher a riddle hidden in a newly discovered manuscript by Albert Einstein called Die Göttesformel. It is non-fiction at its pinnacle. The Einstein Code is not dry science, but an electrifying enigma amid a backdrop of real life intrigue and high-stakes conflict. The man more-or-less invented computer science. Dizem que o próprio Einstein bolou o enigma abaixo, em 1918, e que pouca gente, além dele, conseguiria resolvê-lo. To say Alan Turing is the Einstein of computer science would not do Turing justice. The most revered modern genius was Albert Einstein, who died at age 76 in 1955 at Princeton. Então, esta é a sua chance de se comparar genialidade do mestre. (—Alex Harvey, a physics professor at the City University of New York has uploaded a paper to the preprint server arXiv, in which he claims Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger were writing letters back and forth to one another in a way that indicated that that the two were on (—While hypothesized dark energy can explain observations of the universe expanding at an accelerating rate, the specific properties of dark energy are still an enigma. The Einstein Enigma is a novel about God.